S1E16 - Oh Sweet Cacophony!
SongscapesJune 08, 2019x
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S1E16 - Oh Sweet Cacophony!

The song of the White-throated Sparrow, known by the mnemonic "Oh Sweet Canada, Canada, Canada!", is considered to be one of the most musically pleasing songs... when there is just one bird singing.

What happens when several White-throated Sparrows sing together in dawn chorus? The effect is likely to be described differently by each listener. For many it might be described as a soundscape of eerie other-worldly birds. To the musically-trained ear it may induce cringing.

And, while the sparrows in this recording are mostly singing in the background, their songs dominate the mood of this early morning chorus.

Recorded around dawn at McMaster Forest, Hamilton, Ontario on May 4, 2019.

Audio editing by Rob Porter.

For more information, see http://hamiltonnature.org/songscapes