Songs & Sounds, Volume One

Volume One: A Year of Listening to the Birds

Birding can be an acoustic experience as much as a visual one. Songs and Sounds follows birding guide and nature recordist Rob Porter through various songbird and waterfowl habitats around southern Ontario during the course of a year. 

Recorded entirely outdoors in both natural and manmade habitats, this audiobook is like any other: you won't just hear about the birds, you will hear from the birds themselves during breeding season, migration, and wintering. 

With a mix of guided birding walks and pure soundscapes, Songs and Sounds will teach you about birds' songs and calls at a relaxed pace and show how any time of year can be a good time to get outside and enjoy nature.

What you get

There are two .m4b files you'll need to import into your audiobook app of choice. A couple example apps would be Apple Books for Mac/iOS, or Smart Audio Book Player for Android. This version of the audiobook is optimized for headphones and high-quality speaker setups.

The technical audiophile details

The audiobook is broken into two 192 kbps high-quality stereo m4b files. 

Unlike versions currently available on other audiobook platforms, this version does not follow the strict technical standards of audiobook distributors, and thus is not tuned to a specific RMS value or peak volume. 

Industry standards for audiobooks specifically target best practices for narrations, but environmental recordings like those contained in this book can end up sounding like the "louds are too quiet or distorted", or that the "quiets are too loud". This version does not have that problem, but because of that is better listened to on headphones or a high-quality speaker setup.

If you might be interested in a "lossless" FLAC version, please reach out. This can be arranged, but I'd like to know if there's any interest in it first.