Each year I attempt to put together a new episode for the Halloween season, but as you might be aware, finding owls is in itself a time consuming effort, let alone recording sounds of them.

While I didn’t succeed in capturing much this year, I did think of what I think should be a fun fill-in. This episode will be entirely soundscapes of birds, insects, frogs, and coyotes singing in the night. It will be a standalone episode, in case you’d like to play it on a loop for a haunted house, or whatever purpose you might have in mind.

This will be on both the Songbirding and Songscapes podcast feeds.

Species include: Eastern Screech-Owl, Great Horned Owl, Eastern Whippoorwill, Eastern Coyote, Common True Katydid, Chorus Frog, and more.

Locations of recording were throughout southern Ontario, and in Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania.

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