Did you know there are several channels on Twitch that livestream birding content?

Each channel varies in its content: some stream only birding content, while others stream a mix of various content, including the traditional gaming content one expects from the platform.

Here follows a few of those streamers and a bit about each.


Seth is a birding stream in Oklahoma City, who as of this writing streams only outdoor in the field birding content.


Kamal and Suzanne operate this round-the-clock backyard bird feeder cam stream in Atascadero, California. They also have a very active and family-friendly chat community.


Liz is a fine artist, scientific illustrator, and educator from Tennessee who paints bird-related art on her livestream.


Doc is a variety streamer who does live birding, coverage of space launches, metal detecting, and science education. He streams from Space Coast, Florida.


Titouan is a relatively new Francophone live birding & wildlife photography streamer from Québec. Stream is in French only.


This is my channel - I am a variety streamer so sometime I'm playing games, sometimes I'm out birding, and sometimes we'll do listen-alongs of my recordings.