S1E3 - A Dusk Duet of Great Horned Owls
SongscapesApril 13, 2019x
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S1E3 - A Dusk Duet of Great Horned Owls

A duet of Great Horned Owls in courtship. One continuous recording of a single interaction between a likely mated pair. Note that as it begins the second owl is quite far away and quiet, and as the interaction progresses, the second owl gets much closer. By the end they are "singing" together.

Taken from field recordings of the Short Hills Nature Sanctuary in Pelham, Ontario, Canada on March 1, 2019 at dusk. This is a continuous recording with no clipping, though some adjustments to sound frequencies were made for better clarity.

Audio provided by the Hamilton Bioacoustics Research Project & Hamilton Naturalists' Club

Original raw recordings are available under Creative Commons license at archive.org.

For more information, see http://hamiltonnature.org/songscapes