S1E19 - The "Sore-throated" Vireo
SongscapesJune 30, 2019x
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S1E19 - The "Sore-throated" Vireo

The Yellow-throated Vireo shares much in common with it's red-eyed cousins. Their song is only different in its harsh intonation, making it sound like a "sore-throated" rendition of the Red-eyed Vireo song. Found in wet forest habitats, it sometimes overlaps with Red-eyed Vireos, making them difficult to separate to the untrained ear.

This soundscape features two different Yellow-throated Vireos, both on breeding territory on the south share of Cootes Paradise along the Ravine Road Trail, bordering McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

In the final minutes of the soundscape, after 14m 30s, both Yellow-throated and Red-eyed Vireos are heard in contrast to one another.

Also heard: Carolina Wren, American Redstart, Red-winged Blackbird, Yellow Warbler, Northern Cardinal, American Robin, Red-tailed Hawk, and more!

Recorded on June 30, 2019.

Audio recording editing by Rob Porter. Recorded on an iPhone 6S with an Edutige EIM-001 mic.

For more information, see http://hamiltonnature.org/songscapes