Sometimes I’ll do a livestream on Twitch – I do a variety of subjects, so it’s not necessarily all birds, but a lot of it is! If you already know what Twitch is, go ahead and follow me: and check out other birding streamers listed at

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a livestream platform that mostly focuses on watching streamers play video games, but in recent years lots of other types of livestreams have appeared: live art, music, hiking, and now – birding.

You’ll need to sign up to Twitch in order to follow streamers like myself. When you follow, you’ll get an email when I go live, or when you’re online on Twitch itself.

You can also join the Discord, where I will post in a channel when I go live with something birding-related:

When are the streams?

The thing about birding, is it’s difficult to predict when the conditions will be right. So the schedule is “by-chance” for the most part right now. I am hoping to figure out a regular schedule for in-studio streams, such as podcast live listens and the like.

You can also catch the “VOD”s aka “Video on Demand”, which are listed on my Twitch profile after a livestream. I’ll also look into uploading to Youtube soon as well.

What content do I stream?

Some livestream subject examples are:

  • Dawn chorus or evensong streams
  • Birding in various locations
  • Naturalist walks: butterflies, dragonflies, herps, and more
  • Live listens to Songbirding or one of the other bird-related podcasts I produce
  • Deep dive into a specific species: how to learn its song, recognize it in the field, where it can be found
  • Bird pixel art
  • Birding in a game

And, like many Twitch users, I do stream other games regularly as well.

When I do go live, I try to clearly indicate what the stream will be about.

Follow and Subscribe

Visit to follow, but you can also contribute a monthly subscription! Subscribers get extra access the Songbirding Discord to field recordings featured in streams. If you have a subscription to Amazon Prime right now, this can be done for free, as well. You can link your account to Twitch and get a free “Twitch Prime” sub that you can use to support the channel.

Here’s an example of a recent stream…

Other Livestreamers

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